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Basic Of Link Building | Definition | Importance | Way Of Quality Link Building

A beginner level introduction on Link building. What is it? Why done? and How to gain quality backlink?

Before understanding link building in SEO we must know what link is?

What is link building?We use streets to navigate from one place to another. Links are like streets between web pages which Google uses to crawl around the vast internet. Links has always been an important factor for the search engines to not only judge the popularity of the site but also to analyze other metric like spam, authority, relevancy etc. The trustworthy site will give a link to a more likely trustable site and most probably a spam site will give a link to another spam site. Let us try to understand the importance of links. Suppose a person opens a bakery shop. The shop provides very good quality of items. Everything is good about the items like it is hygienic, fresh, and cheaper. But still, the bakery is not getting good business. The reason may be that the people who ate at that bakery didn't recommend other people or didn't give a reference. So people didn't come back to the bakery. That what the off page optimization deals with. It is a methodology by which we generate a reference. In Wikipedia page of Flipkart, on the right-hand side, a link is given to Flipkart website. This is an example of reference or link and the strategy involve in generating link is called link building strategy.

one way link buildingLink building in SEO can be broadly classified into two types. The first type is one-way link building. In this, a website A gives a link to another website B without getting any favor from that site. Here website a is giving a link to website B. This type of link is called outbound link. The website B is receiving link hence also getting SEO value, such type of link is called inbound link. In Wikipedia page of Flipkart the link is given to Flipkart website can be categorized in one way link building. Because Flipkart didn't request a link from Wikipedia and also Wikipedia ask for any favor from the Flipkart. This type of link building gets the most SEO value and is of highest priority. But wait getting a link from Wikipedia or similar popular site is not so easy. You need to be popular enough or must carry big brand value to enforce editor of Wikipedia to make a page upon you and give you a link or reference.

Reciprocal link

That's the reason why people go to another type of link building i.e. is two-way link building or reciprocal link building. But this type of link building is not recommended for search engines like Google don't give much value to this type of link building. In two-way links building two website exchanges links to each other based upon mutual understanding. But Google is smart enough to understand the understanding of these webmasters and give no so importance to this link building methodology. Suppose there is a two movie reviewer site. One site takes money from the producer and gives a very good rating to the movie like 4 or 5 stars. On the other hand, the second reviewer does proper analysis and gives 3 stars without getting any favor from the producer. Obviously, the people will go for the second review because it is more genuine and trustworthy. Google does the same thing in assigning the value to the links. Below we will discuss some other factor search engines like Google checks for assigning a value to the links.

Quality link building

A site having good page rank and high global popularity can give high-value links to another site. Sites like Wikipedia, Google, Twitter, and Facebook have numerous sites linking to it, which mean it must be a very trustable and important site. To earn the trust of the search engine we will need the help of popular and useful link partners. It is also important to get a link from more relevant and topic-specific community than from general sites. For example, if you provide training facility than a link from an educational forum or community will give much more value than another off site. Another important factor is anchor text of the link which carries a lot of value. If a dozen of link directs to a page with right keywords, then the chances of getting a higher rank of that page is much more. The links coming from high trustable sites like universities, government websites and other popular and important sites helps in gaining trust and increase our trust rank. Receiving a link from spam or very low page rank site or giving a link to this type of site both can be harmful and can reduce our SEO value. Because a website that links to spam is likely spam itself. We must carry on adding fresh links in order to sustain our popularity and relevancy in eyes of search engines. In the recent year's social site like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram has gained a lot of importance in digital marketing. Being active on these sites makes good chances of getting many links and useful popularity and visitors.

link building strategy

Let's discuss some of the link building strategies. Getting a link from your customers, Investors, Partners, Sponsors or Franchisee is a very good way of gaining good links or reference. Another way is you can create your company blog, public forum or community. Blog have a unique ability to use content marketing to improve our SEO factor. The blog helps in posting useful fresh material, participating in web conversation which can help in gaining links and listings. Guest posting is another way of getting the useful back link. Creating a viral and very useful link and sharing it on social media is one of the most effective links building techniques. The content should be highly remarkable and highly valuable forcing the other people to share your content with another person. At last but not you should also examine our competitors' link profile. There are various tools available online using which we can find out the websites that are linking back to your competitor's websites. This can give us a lot of idea and potential for our improvement. Another way of getting quality link is by submitting your website or blog post and article to high pr document sharing site.
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