Tuesday, 25 February 2014


Hello Friends !! These days There is a game which has created so much buzz and excitement here and there among the internet and that is Flappy bird. There are few games which stand out on mobile phones. not due to the good quality of graphics or the depth of gameplay nor the story.  
rather, it is ridiculously simple yet extremly hard and Flappy Bird Cames in top of that list, So hate it or love it. it's Must have game for you and your phone. Not because it is great enough but it is difficult to complete. oh, and it's free too.Flappy Bird is a mobile game for iOS that has been countlessly mentioned across various gaming sites and social networks (especially Vine), which have helped this small title by Dong Nguyen climb up the charts in the App Store. It is a combination of Nintendo-style, Mario graphics including the familiar green pipes and an awkward looking bird. Players are tasked with flapping their way successfully between the green pipes. So today we thought why not to bring this game as a widget. Yeah you heard it right it's a widget and you can say you can generate some traffic too by installing this widget. beacause visitors will love to play this game in big screen and while visiting your blog. So today i will tell you how to install flappy bird game in your website.

How to install Flappy Bird Game in your Website

  • First of all go to your blogger or wordpress blog dashboard.
  • Now click on create a post or page as u like.
  • Now write some info about the game if u want.
  • After writing info just switch to the html side of your post or page.
  • Now just paste the below code in the html side.
<iframe style="width: 775px; height: 810px; border: 0" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" src="http://goo.gl/Ck1Oj9"></iframe>
  • Now just click on publish and publish the post or page.

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