Tuesday, 25 February 2014


Hello Friends !! These days There is a game which has created so much buzz and excitement here and there among the internet and that is Flappy bird. Flappy Bird is a mobile game for iOS that has been countlessly mentioned across various gaming sites and social networks (especially Vine), which have helped this small title by Dong Nguyen climb up the charts in the App Store. It is a combination of Nintendo-style, Mario graphics including the familiar green pipes and an awkward looking bird. Players are tasked with flapping their way successfully between the green pipes. So today we thought why not to bring this game as a widget .

Want to play FLAPPY BIRD....Play it here....

Ujjwal Ganesh

Author & Editor

I belong to Patna,Bihar.I have done B.Tech in Computer Science and right now i'm working as Digital Marketing Trainee at SEOCZAR IT Services Pvt Ltd.


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